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I really cannot emphasize just how beneficial yoga is during pregnancy and to help ease you through your labour.
Before coming to class we will have a discussion about your general health and how your pregnancy is going. I do not like you to start classes until you are at least 13 weeks.
I invite you to join in the main class and I will keep an eye on you and make adjustments and alternatives that are appropriate, or you can choose one-to-one sessions. From 30 weeks onwards I invite you to one-to-one sessions (if you have a friend to come along you can share the cost) and then we will concentrate on preparations for labour and beyond.
There’s not much more to add other than what a privilege it has been for me to be part of the journey to so many new lives, so I’ll leave the talking to some of my new mummies.
“Having a yoga teacher for a Mum was obviously an advantage! Having her there with me, breathing me through the pain was reassuring; I said she needs to hire herself out as a birthing partner!”
"Thank you for all your help and advice during my pregnancy. I can't wait to get back in to it."
Aimee, Wilmington.
“Pregnancy yoga with Julie was recommended to me during my pregnancy with my first child. I attended a number of sessions, which were all varied. I learned breathing techniques, relaxation and did exercises which were catered to my ability as I had never done yoga before let alone whilst heavily pregnant. During labour itself, I found that I was able to use the techniques I had learned to help me relax and regulate my breathing very effectively. I was able to deliver my baby daughter within a short space of time with only gas and air. I would wholeheartedly recommend these classes to anyone as I found them invaluable.”
Natalie, Cudham.
"I struggled to find a pregnancy yoga class having moved to Kent but having spoken to Julie she was able to let me join her normal classes.  The classes are challenging but very friendly so I felt able to try a position even if I was not sure I could do it, and Julie carefully adapted the positions to accommodate my pregnancy and my enormous bump!  At the end of each class I felt relaxed, stretched and mentally positive.  As soon as I sort out the childcare I will be back." Sarah, Sundridge.
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