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Q. What is ‘Physiotherapy for the Soul’?
We are all familiar with the benefits of physiotherapy after illness or injury but what about the emotional side of illness or injury, or generally coping with 21st century life? I would not describe P.F.T.S as a’ self-help’ programme, more of a ’self-reminder’, helping you to remember what you already know.

 Q. How do I access this therapy?
One to one sessions are available by appointment to help specific problems be they emotional illness, upheaval, break-up, stress, trauma and body issues to name a few.

 Q. Finally, what do you see when you look at the photo to below?
A) A huge, ugly scar coursing through the body?
B) A beautiful, constant reminder to be grateful for life? 
Of course, B) is the answer.
How do you change the way you see the world?
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Physiotherapy for the soul. Operation scars.
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